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are closed now in the primary election for new jersey's u.s. senate seat. after u.s. senator frank lautenberg died in june, new jersey governor chris christie appointed a replacement senator to keep that seat essentially occupied until new jersey voters could choose who they wanted to take that seat for the remainder of mr. lautenberg's term. well, as of tonight, we now know that the two candidates in that election to take frank lautenberg's u.s. senate seat will be for the democratic party the mayor of new jersey new jersey's largest city, cory booker. the republican party, the former mayor of new jersey's 280th largest city, a place called bogota. looks like bogota but say it bogota. lonegan is the former mayor. if you want to get a little flavor of what this race might be like, cory booker versus steve lonegan, mr. lonegan's previous preelection effort as mayor of bogota was subject of a spectacular documentary called "any town usa." >> steve lonegan is an outright liar. >> i hate lonegan. >> put a monkey up against him, i think a monkey would win. >> i have no intention of losing this ele
a district." tonight, new jersey's 12th, the fighting 12th! (cheers and applause) thank you. other notable princetonians include james madison, jimmy stewart, michelle obama and, from 1933 to 18955 princeton held the honor of being the only town in america where you could say "way to go, einstein" and have an old man say "dang a shane." (laughter) now, the 12th is also home to supreme court justice antonin scalia, meaning that clarence thomas insists he's from there, too. if you're in the 12th don't miss a night out with the minor league trenton thunder. they're always doing something new like the april 30 organ donation awareness night which, coincidentally, was also dollar hot dog night. (cheers and applause) and who has the jersey boys to represent such districts? why, none other than democratic congressman and physicist rush holt. i sat down with representative holt in chairs. congressman, thank you so much for talking to me today. >> good to be with you, stephen. >> stephen: tell me about the fighting 12th. >> it has ethnicities more diverse than you can imagine. you go into a public
. >> voting to fill new jersey's senate seat? the seat vacated by the death of frank lautenberg. >> there is no vacation from the cross hairs of the gop. >> there are going to be a handful of senate republicans who want to defund obama care. >> that is what everybody wants. >> the rhetoric has already started. >> nobody disagrees with the goal, just the tactics. >> their colleagues can't seem to find unity. >> sometimes they get a bit frustrated. >> the press loves to say there is a division. >> they're shouting about this. >> sometimes they get a bit frustrated. >> and that is the situation right now. >> i worry for my kids and i worry for your kids. >> michael bloomberg, not a happy man. >> when did he last speak to hillary clinton? >> a new poll for anthony weiner. >> i have a lot to prove to them as well. >> the law belongs to the people. >> hillary clinton now on the record about the defensive voting rights. >> the epidemic of election fraud. >> there is so much breaking news. >> kind of hard to process it all. >>> we have breaking news from new jersey tonight in the specia
same-sex marriage are waiting for a big decision from a new jersey judge. many consider this a nationwide test of the impact of a recent supreme court ruling on the state. the debate raises questions about extending benefits for couples in civil unions and whether or not same-sex couples can get married in new jersey. pete williams joins us from washington. what are the core issues in this case? >> reporter: this is an unusual one because the new jersey supreme court ruled in 2006 in a lawsuit over same-sex marriages that the state had to give the same-sex couples the legal benefits of marriage but it said it would leave it up to the legislature. the new jersey legislature said they will have civil unions in new jersey and they will provide all the benefits of marriage, it's just as good. the same-sex couples are saying they're not just as good for two reasons. first of all, there's still a different status that deprives them of the equal dignity of being married, but they say now that the u.s. supreme court has struck down the doma law, the defense of marriage act which
that is way too unstable. >> thank you. >> an important factor to be with the next senator of new jersey is who has the experience and sophistication to deal with international questions will stop i talked about the complicated situation in that part of the world. if you pull on one, it pulls through jordan, saudi israel,egypt, palestine, and a rant, anorak, , andurkey -- and iran iraq, and turkey. i sent a letter to the president saying that he should ask the new iranian president if he is good to his word. he did appoint someone i know from their time at the united nations as foreign minister. and gives us time to work with a ran on these competent matters -- it gives us time to work with matters.hese important >> on capitol hill, in the last notle of sessions, we have seen a lot of experience or sophistication. i think our next senator should be someone who has the ability to examine a broad range of issues. internationally, to weigh out the sensitivity of these issues. protecting our national interests and understanding that we pay a dear price in not investing in domestic challenges
. they won the power ball. three winning tickets were sold in minnesota and new jersey. if you want to see if you are one of the lucky ones, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and power ball number 32. >> can you imagine if you are just learning that now. if you are watching and just found out you one, tweet us. tell us. >> what an amazing feeling. zain is in new jersey this morning at a supermarket where a winning ticket was sold. how are they feeling? i'm surprised they are not still celebrating. >> reporter: there's a lot of excitement in the air. three winners across the country. more winners could be announced. two of them in new jersey. one of the winning tickets bought at the stop and shop. we are in new jersey just to give you a sense. it's a little town, four miles out of princeton, population, 43,000. one person in that 43,000 has a winning ticket in their coat pocket, purse or drawer. we hope they come forward. we are anxiously waiting. there are some states where winners can remain anonymous. new jersey is not one of those states. they have a year to collect their winnings. in terms of how long
night, and as chris christie echoed the next day, new jersey sends more money for the federal government than it ever gets back, it only gets back 77 cents, while rand paul's give me, give me, give me kentucky, one of those give me, give me, give me states gets back much more from the government than it ever sends back to the federal government. for every dollar, kentucky gets back $1.57. now as i said, i didn't expect chris christie to go there because of all of the important presidential primary states. they are all give me, give me, give me states that get more money than they ever send in. the republican states, ohio, new hampshire, were all what rand paul called give me, give me, give me states if they actually knew the math. and then what could be, what could be actually a clue, a minor clue that chris christie may not be planning on running for president he actually did use that argument against rand paul yesterday. >> interestingly, kentucky get $1.51 on every dollar they send to washington. so if senator paul wants to look at where he should cut spending for defense, maybe he sh
news from new jersey tonight in the special primary election for new jersey senate, to replace the seat left open after the death of democratic senator frank lautenberg. the new york mayor cory booker has won the democratic primary. he defeated three opponents, congressman holt and pallone and sheila oliver. tea party candidate, steve lonegan, the former mayor of bogota, new jersey, he has won that one. the special election for the senate seat will be held on october 16th, a month before the november election for new jersey governor. cory booker said this a short time ago. >> it is such an honor to be your nominee. to be your democratic nominee for the united states senate. thank you. everywhere i have gone, i have talked about the need to bring people together. the need to find a new type of politics in america, the politics of getting things done. this is our nation's key hallmark. we are called to come together and build a more perfect union. this ideal is critical if we as a nation are going to achieve or highest aspiration. >> joining me now, msnbc's steve kornacki, and editor and
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christie of new jersey joined forces with the democratic mayor of new jersey's largest city, newark, cory booker, to create a video parody of their political selves, a moment to move past our political differences. it was a great publicity stunt for all of them. it was all in good fun. until it became an awkward situation. now when it comes down to actually throwing support behind a candidate for political office, governor chris christie really cannot side with his buddy, the really very popular mayor of newark, cory booker, who is now the democratic candidate for u.s. senate in new jersey. chris christie and cory booker go way back, you know? i mean, for guys in opposite parties with big national profiles, they have a lot of mutual respect. even a mutual publicity stunt under their belts. now partisan politics dictate that chris christie cannot go with cory booker anymore. now he has to go with somebody amazing who is running against cory booker for that senate seat. and the photo op just happened. and it was capital "a" awkward. it was oh, god, no, awkward. and we've got that coming up.
school districts with examples in new jersey, north carolina, and tennessee. a look at how technology and socio-economic factors affect the education systems in small and rural towns. the host of the conversation was the center for american progress. the conversation lasted about an hour and a half. >> good morning and welcome to the center for american progress. i am cynthia brown, vice president for educational policy. thank you for joining us for a party but small group, but we know that you are deeply interested in the topic for today, our own port on school -- report on school district size. thanks also to the panelists for participating today, ontributing to our ongoing conversation about education reform. across the nation, policy makers have begun to look at the fundamental design of our education system. our education governance structures were built in a different era, and in many states, little attention has been given to improving the organization and design the state's education systems. over time, many states have allowed some exceedingly on governance systems to evolve.
of the issues that new jersey governor chris christie has tackled in the last few days. a poll showed him leading the pack of potential republican candidates. he said his party needs to learn to compromise. >> we can stick to our principles and stimcome together to compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. it's the way the country was built. we need to get things done for the people that elect us. >> i want to bring in our thrks nn legal editor. this is not atypical of christie to get into the controversial hot button issues. part of it is style and part is politics. what's behind this? >> let's add the issue of guns to the whole mix. governor christy has weighed in on several controversial pieces of legislation just the the past few days up in new jersey. today he signed the bill that would ban gay conversion therapy for minors. children under the age of 18 would not be subjected to that anymore. on friday he vetoed a gun bill that would prevent long range.50 caliber rifles from being used in the state of new jersey which was welcomed by gun rights advocated. he also signed some legisl
? do you know that -- do you know that this is newark, new jersey? and we don't do naive. >> booker now faces steve lonegan. and gearing up for the october special election. >> mayor cory booker has been elected. he's been anointed by hollywood. the hollywood elite have been descended from their penthouse apartments from the heights of the hollywood hills to come to new jersey to tell us who our next senator is. >>> anthony weiner lagging in the polls, in last night's first debate, the contenders took on the tactics. the issue did come up during an exchange with christine quinn. >> here's the profound difference, have apologized for my personal behavior the speaker refuses to apologize for overturning the will of the people and the slush fund scandal. that's the difference. i have owned up to my personal failings. i have a record that i'm proud of and i'll will be honest with the citizens of this city. >> let me just say, i think it's very clear to all new yorkers that neither me or anybody else on this stage or any new yorker quite frankly should be lectured by anthony weiner what we n
>> two of the winning tickets were sold in new jersey the third in minnesota. >> right now we know this one of the tickets sold at a super stop and shop grocery store in new brunswick, new jersey the second was purchased in the town of little egg harbor. you wi you>> just a few months ago the largest power ball jackpot in history $590 million went to an elderly woman in florida. >> right. i remember that one. fox news alert. an amber alert issued in oregon and washington state for two children after the suspect's car was headed in the direction of the oregon border. anna kooiman has that story for us. >> overnight oregon state police saying there was a possible sighting of james dimaggio's blue nissan versa followed by another sighting a few miles away on the same highway in oregon. >> trying to get as many people out there looking for that vehicle and that plate and the two children in that vehicle. >> they believe dimaggio may be headed for canada. the close family friend is accused of murdering the mother of hannah and ethan anderson and setting his house on fire. police found h
for education reform. he lives and grew up in new jersey and will give us a national and state-level look at the issues. we are are also fortunate to have with us today doris terry williams. she is the executive director of the rule school and community trust. she was previously associate professor at north carolina central university school of education. doris also led the institutions teacher education program. now i would like to turn the podium over to my colleagues, a here. fellow he is the author of today's report and will delve deeper into the study and explain the methodology behind the report. after he concludes, we will have a panel discussion and some questions about the report and the issue, and then we will open it up to the audience. thank you. >> thank you, cindy. i also want to thank juliana herman for the help that she provided on this report. she did a lot of data analysis and writing while she was here at the center. i also want to thank rob hanna, who also provided a lot of work on the report. he is not here with us today. i wanted to make sure that both of them got cr
. well, it does get me pretty steamed. inside "new york" magazine's cover story all about new jersey governor chris christie. >>> later, legendary ice skater katarina vit joins us to talk about politics and the unfolding steroid scandal. much more "cycle" ahead. being sixteen, alex thinks he's invincible. his dad knows he's not. that's why dad got allstate accident forgiveness. it starts the day you sign up. [ female announcer ] with accident forgiveness from allstate, your rates won't go up just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. call 866-735-9100 now. kim and james are what you might call...overly protective. especially behind the wheel. nothing wrong with that. in fact, allstate gives them a bonus twice a year -- for being safe drivers. [ female announcer ] get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. switch to allstate today! call an allstate agent now and see how much you could save. now that the kids are out of the house, so are frank and sandy. hitting every flea market they can find. but the best deal so far... is the one from allstate. [ female
, favored to win a special election for the new york senate in new jersey this november. but he does have an opponent and that opponent is steve lonegan. served for three terms from 1995 through 2007 and one of the most vocal and most conservative politicians in the state of new jersey. maybe the most vocal and the most conservative. while he was mayor, he spearheaded initiatives ranging from cost reductions to calling upon mcdonald's to take down a billboard because it advertised iced coffee in spanish. conservative group founded by david and charles coch and in 2009 ran for governor of new jersey. christie won that republican primary by 13 points and now a rising national gop star. this past tuesday he formally endorsed lonegan in his race against bookie. for defunding health care reform and marriage equality and running in new jersey a state where won two victories. new poll released on tuesday put booker ahead by 16 points, 54-38. that is the first poll out since the primaries two weeks ago. the election held on october 16th and here to talk about it, steve lonegan. steve, welcome to
of the city across the river from us here in new york, newark, new jersey, is a bona fide rising star in the democratic party. he's running for senate and today i got a chance to talk to him in a wide-ranging interview. he addressed the attacks on his sexuality by his republican opponent. stay tuned for that. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at >>> civil rights hero congressman john lewis who yesterday helped commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington for jobs and freedom was back in atlanta today and there he reportedly saw on televisions strikes outside fast food restaurants across the country. john lewis then went and joined one of those picket
reform. he lives and grew up in new jersey and will give us a national and state-level look at the issues. we are are also fortunate to have with us today doris terry williams. she is the executive director of the rule school and community trust. she was previously associate professor at north carolina central university school of education. doris also led the institutions teacher education program. now i would like to turn the podium over to my colleagues, a senior fellow here. he is the author of today's report and will delve deeper into the study and explain the methodology behind the report. after he concludes, we will have a panel discussion and some questions about the report and the issue, and then we will open it up to the audience. thank you. >> thank you, cindy. i also want to thank juliana herman for the help that she provided on this report. she did a lot of data analysis and writing while she was here at the center. i also want to thank rob hanna, who also provided a lot of work on the report. he is not here with us today. i wanted to make sure that both of them got credit fo
. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance. >>> never one to shrink from a fight, new jersey governor chris christie is back in the headlines for comments he made last week at a forum in colorado where he called out libertarians like potential 2016 rival rand paul over what he says is a dangerous drift away from national security. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines i think is a very dangerous thought. and as the governor now of a state that lost the second most people on 9/11 behind the state of new york, and still seeing those families, john, i'd love all these esoteric debates people are getting in. >> senator rand paul for example? >> listen, he's one. these esoteric debates. i want them to come to new jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. >> we're back with dan hetinger, dorothy robitins join us. esoteric debates, that's our specialty. >> right to the gut. right to the gut. i want to tell you, you see in this performance here the reason christie is so popular. he
.s. senate in new jersey. just 9% of the state turned out to vote. that's right. single digits. but actually beat some expectations. we will crunch the numbers. >> good morning from minnesota's largest county fair. today is wednesday, august 14th, 2013. now, here's "the daily rundown." >> the 4-h group from minnesota. remember, head to august is a good month to do it. we want to get to this morning's breaking news. chaotic scenes across cairo after security forces backed by bulldozers and helicopters launched raids to clear thousands of supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi from protest camps. egyptian police and soldiers used tear gas to break up the camps. while morsi supporters have fought back with stones. they've set up barricades in the streets. government buildings and police stations have been set on fire there. the heaviest fighting is largely in the capital. clashes have broke out in other cities as well. the official death toll is said to be about 56. with more than 500 wounded. the real toll of course could be much higher. we'll just have to wait and see
off crime and urban decay in new jersey's largest city. he rescued a freezing dog, saved a woman from a burning building. that actually happened. booker has been on the political radar since he was 29. grabbed attention by holding a ten-day hunger strike. some believe booker has the ability and drive to be president. thought that since his days at stanford and oxford where he was a scholar. he's been accused of being a shameless publicity speaker, angered members of his own party after publicly defending bain capital during last year's presidential campaign. he's gotten further flak from the left, myself, included, for hedge fund backers and support of school voucher programs. in the heat of a senate campaign, things have gotten strangely personal. booker's republican opponent lonegan jumped on comments booker made about his private life and is bizarrely questioning his masculinity of all things and engaging in -- booker is rolling out his first big domestic policy platform, and it is not at all what you would expect from a politician with the level of ambition that cory booker clearl
. >> eric: to politics now. new jersey governor chris christie is leading in the state polls as he faces reelection in november. but right now two other polls show he's also the frontrunner for the 2016 republican presidential nomination. in the national primary race, rasmussen reports shows him leading with 21% out in front of senator marco rubio, former governor jeb bush, senator rand paul, and congressman paul ryan. a wmur poll in new hampshire shows kristi leading in the primary also by the same 21%. senator paul is second at 16%. former governor bush at 10%. paul ryan and senator rubio round out the top five. before governor chris christie gets the republican nomination, he has to beat his democratic rival, new jersey state senator democrat barbara bruno. polls show him almost 30 points ahead. what would a chris christie presidential campaign be like? brad bliekl blakely smiling on e right. you worked for president george w. bush. brad, how much does he have to win by in november to potentially send a national message? what do you think? >> if you look at the polls as you suggested,
for hurricane sandy victims in new jersey. and he is in favor of arming teachers and he thinks our tax system was written by karl marx. true, coming up. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world, but you had to leave right now, would you go? man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. >> it has been 24 hours since senator ted cruz was forced to admit that he has canadian citizenship. but it may take ted cruz eight months to get rid of his canadian citizenship in order to sever ties with the country where he was born. he will have to pay 180 canadian dollars, and get a security clearance with the intelligence service and fill out a four-page form explaining his reasons for renouncing his citizenship. and then a judge in canada
to pretend, you know, he is with the right-wing lunatic running in new jersey and he will never mention his name again. >> i think the nicest thing you could say about him, he is the talk radio republican. >> sounds good to crazy people. >> sound good to them, exactly. >> and don't live in new jersey, by the way. >> a lot of them are not in new jersey, which is a fairly blue state, showing where his antenna is. there is a difference, even as the republican party moves right. there is a difference between governors and the republican party who we see say a lot of things but then actually are forced to govern. and we have to figure out if they want to work with the federal government, for example through health care, with the obama administration. many of them said one thing, do they just like the federal government or do they want his support for national catastrophes like a hurricane, chris christie, if he has done one good thing this entire season, it was actually being separate up about that and being open about the fact he wanted to work with the president and get funding. lonegan doesn'
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,755 (some duplicates have been removed)